#AsiaCityRace special entry arrangements

After some turbulent times we’re finally seeing an exit, and we’re happy to announce we’re back—it’s less than 4 months to the first stage! Of course, we’re putting in extra measures to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Of the 5 planned stages, the Hong Kong #HKG stage in August and Singapore #SIN stage will open entries soon, subject to the following arrangements:

  • Local entries will start after the local restrictions for public activities are removed
  • International entries will start after the travel restrictions for foreign tourists entering the respective cities are removed.
  • Prices are revised, see #HKG and #SIN pages respectively. The entry deadlines and prices are the same as local entries.
  • Stages may be delayed if the restrictions are not lifted near the time of the event.
  • You can now transfer your entry to other people or any other stage in the #AsiaCityRace series, without any extra fees.
  • Secure your early bird spot now by clicking the pictures below and registering your interest! This registration is free and entitles you to an entry at the early bird price even after the early bird entry deadline.

For #HKG, backup dates are 18-20 December 2020:

  • If local event restrictions are lifted but travel restrictions remain, the August event will be held as a local event (Summer Race + Trail-O), and the #AsiaCityRace event (along with the training camp week, 17-20 Aug) will be moved to December, around the vicinity of Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships.
  • If both local event restrictions and travel restrictions remain, the entire event will be moved to December. The Trail-O event will be cancelled.

For #SIN, backup arrangements will be announced in due course.

See you in Asia again!