Changes to the 2021 #AsiaCityRace programme

AsiaCityRace announcement

We can’t wait for #AsiaCityRace to finally start after COVID-19 pandemic! There are, however, a few changes we need to make to ensure the safety of all people involved. At the meantime, please keep up the hygiene and take the vaccine if you can.

The following stages are moved to 2022:

  • Penang City Race 2021 → 2022
  • Singapore City Race 2021 → 2022

The fate of Jakarta City Race 2021 will be announced in due course.

The schedule of #AsiaCityRace 2022 will be announced around August to September 2021.

#AsiaCityRace 2021 will still include the following stages:

  • Pattaya City Race (5-7 November 2021)
  • Bangkok City Race (10-12 December 2021)
  • Hong Kong City Race (17-19 December 2021)

Our prerequisites for a stage to take place are:

  1. Foreign tourists being allowed to enter the territory
  2. Public sports events being allowed

There may still be quarantine requirements for tourists (which does not in itself prevent the stage from taking place) so please stay tuned.

About #AsiaCityRace

#AsiaCityRace is a multi-stage urban orienteering series taking place in different cities in Asia. The City Race format includes three days of orienteering races, with sprint, long and middle distances taking place over the weekend. You’ll run through various city quarters and neighbourhoods in a city, dashing to the next checkpoint ahead of your opponents.

You need to navigate your way through the city from checkpoint to checkpoint, in order to complete the races. However, you don’t need to be a pro navigator—you’ll be able to complete the races even without orienteering experience.