#AsiaCityRace2022? How we’re working for a new exciting year

Be an organiser of #AsiaCityRace2022 - urban orienteering

We’re talked about #AsiaCityRace2021 without being able to make it happen—well (psst!) its ironic we actually haven’t even got our inaugural series yet! It’s not easy—but countries gotta reopen to tourists eventually and we’re trying our best to make #AsiaCityRace2022 (aka inaugural #AsiaCityRace series) come true!

The situation as it stands

It’s been possible since months ago to travel around Europe without quarantine, and also to USA from next month (November 2021). Meanwhile in Asia, things are going slower than hoped: while Nepal has scrapped quarantine for all fully vaccinated travellers, and Thailand is in its final preparations to reopen, other countries are still taking a wait-and-see approach.

The first stage of #AsiaCityRace2022 will be Pattaya City Race from 31 Dec 2021 to 2 Jan 2022.
#AsiaCityRace2022 will start with Pattaya City Race on 31 Dec 2021-2 Jan 2022.

#AsiaCityRace2022 starts with Pattaya over New Year

With only one #AsiaCityRace stage being able to be confirmed (Pattaya City Race), we’ve decided to move it to #AsiaCityRace2022 as the inaugural stage!

Pattaya City Race will now include a sprint, urban middle distance and middle long distance around Pattaya.

Previously in 2020 we negotiated City Race stages with Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. These will be our priority in creating the 2022 edition. However, we’re also considering newer orienteering countries as well, such as Nepal and Philippines.

More stages will come as we confirm with our organising partners around the world, and as more countries reopen to travellers.

Please stay tuned and we hope you’ll come back to join our City Races.

We’re improving the series—here’s how

We’ve updated a lot of our general provisions to increase the fun and variety of our offerings!

Previously we wanted all our stages to follow the sprint-long-middle 3-day urban orienteering format. Now we’ve introduced flexibility into our programme—any multi-day orienteering event happening in an urban environment can become one of us. Count Micro-O, Sprint, Urban Middle Distance, Urban Long Distance—even Score-O urban orienteering events are now eligible too (of course not too much!) Wait, did we even mention relay and knockout yet?

Even part of a multi-day event can join the series as a stage! We require, however, that each stage be composed of at least two stages, and that at least one stage is of at least 75% middle distance.

We need more stages—here’s how we’ll confirm a stage

We’re trying our best to confirm the programme for #AsiaCityRace2022 as soon as possible, but as an international race we need you to be able to join without quarantine!

Here’s our criteria for confirming a stage. The country must accept, at a minimum, fully COVID-19 vaccinated travellers from all of the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • At least one other Nordic country
  • At least one other non-Nordic country in EU/EEA/Switzerland/UK
  • At least one Asian IOF member

Once the reopening is confirmed, we’ll confirm a stage in that country—but you can submit your interest to organise already before that.

We’re accepting organisation request from interested clubs and federations, preferably before 1 November 2021, but we’re prepared to accept more requests after that as more countries reopen to tourists.

Please submit your interest at our contact form. We hope to see more countries and cities interested to join #AsiaCityRace!